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Horizontal Sha Dao, be located in the Yangtse River to enter big talk most east upright, it is at present Shanghai is illogical exclusively the isle of highway, the official personnel of on the island 30 thousand much dweller and isle of pass in and out, Wu work staff can take guest ferry boat only. Common, the flying ala passenger ship of dock of passenge奉贤南桥荤场r transport of dock of dock of passenger transport of Song of Yuwu going there and back, the long passenger transport that promote an island, horizontal sanded island and fe上海会所微信公众号rry of car settle or live in a strange place were a travel of the dweller on the island to offer advantage, however, when having early-warning of fresh gale, big mist, suspend air or shipping service of passenger liner all fronts, of the dweller on the island go out or return became an issue, when especially should danger weighs a patient to be badly in need of giving insular cure, “The lifeline on water ” appear it is important to be sent more. “Calm ” however bosom of common feelings of people of island of suspend air or shipping service is interrogative ” the grade defying wind of flying ala passenger ship has 6 class only, the grade defying wind of ferry of car settle or live in a strange place also has 7 class only merely. ” horizontal Sha Haixun of bureau of Chong Minghai thing executes the law the group grows Song Gang to see news Knews reporter introduce, clear shipping carries to refuse wind order and degree in shipping certification, if actual wind-force is more than check and ratify to refuse wind order and degree,this is meant, so the shipping in 上海宝山杨行镇大保健the voyage is incident上海spa哪里比较好al incident of of all kinds average, cause maritime accident directly even. Horizontal Sha Dao is located in the Yangtse River to enter big talk most east upright, the maritime radar station on the island is the boundary of inl青浦spa好玩and river and sea area, besides annual typhonic season and season of wintry mist blast, outport is hanged 7, the situation of 8 class gale is not unusual, and once have strong wind of 7 class above, stem from safe for the purpose of, flying ala passenger ship and ferry of car settle or live in a strange place can choose suspend air or shipping service. “Be grown promote island, horizontal Sha Dao two islands are held back terrestrially, it is a thing when wind direction to when, long promote the horizontal stroke is sanded between island and horizontal Sha Dao the actual wind-force of the passageway can be less than outport normally. ” go up in maritime landing stage, horizontal Sha Haixun executes the law the Song Dynasty of great team leader is 上海外围怎么联系 上海高端外围哪里找firm to see news Knews reporter introduce, before, because do not have local weather forecast, to ensure voyage safety, passenger liner company can choose begin navigation according to the news of area whole weather of Shanghai observatory only. Sometimes, the dweller on the island sees there is apparent storm on surface of horizontal sanded passageway, but long crossing however not begin navigation, the hard to avoid in the heart has bewilderment, can have complaint even sometimes. Maritime branch takes the lead solve year increase 466 voyage or flight number for cogent had safeguarded roundtrip long promote island, horizontal Sha Dao between ” line of the traffic on water ” , shanghai maritime bureau carries management department and passenger liner company actively to accepting local government, transportation, act of innovation of positive try to find a solution, cross a quantity to grow unexpected guest jointly with S上海松江洗浴桑拿hanghai atmosphere bureau the body is custom-built an atmosphere is explored ” hardware ” and line of Shanghai Airline of a water leaves berth ” soft regulation ” , make interconnection of the real time data that monitor is shared, provide accurate analysis, decision-making basis for passenger liner company and atmosphere branch. “Look, be in that, that fine cylinder the equipment of shape is anemoscope, in imagining possibly with you differ somewhat. ” ” convoy 17 ” annulus on board carrying a layer on the head, ferry of car settle o爱上海 上海贵族宝贝r live in a strange place is long to see news Knews reporter introduce, during calendar year spring carries, ferry gets the influence of atmosphere element, ever was deferred or cancelled a few voyage or flight number, what affected the Spring Festival to come home greatly is insular the journey that reachs farmhouse happy passenger. We were crossed in car settle or live in a strange place last year on add installed anemoscope, the size of real time wind-force on the course when it can detect and feedback shipping sails, the computer that there still is passenger station on our boat can inquire on the system. Now, we can be judge上海后花园1314龙凤论坛d according to the accurate data of spot wind-force whether can begin navigation, more convenient a travel of the dweller on the island. Follow the staff member’s footstep, see news Knews reporter come to passenger station of horizontal sanded island. In the duty room of top layer, point to down what stationmaster uses label, long promote, horizontal sand take in everything in a glance of the passenger liner course between two islands and circumstance of its periphery water area. The spot wind-force volume that there is and other places of horizontal sanded passageway on computer screen. Stationmaster tells to visit news Knews reporter, since anemoscope is installed oneself, cogent produced favorable effect. Carried the data of anemoscope according to the boat 2019, car settle or live in a strange place is crossed increase 466 voyage o上海水磨会所排名 上海水磨会所全套体验r flight number, increase carry a passenger to restrict 26 thousand person-time, car more than 13 thousand, ensured the dweller on the island and passenger effectively to go out of travel convenient. This year spring during carry, possible meeting encounters season of cold wave gale, believe the boat carries anemoscope to be able to be offerr上海怡泰spaed for us more effectively is decision-making prop up. “Essence of life allows atmosphere ” the dweller passengers of the Sha Dao that it is a horizontal stroke brought cogent advantage, but to maritime branch safety of the passenger line on guardianship water also brought higher demand. To ensure spring water load carries safe situation is stabilized during carry, bureau of Chong Minghai thing started safety of passenger transport shipping to be checked greatly on December 6, 2019, the examination discovers 69 flaw in all, supervise and urge before directive ship company and place belong to Yu Chunyun of passenger transport shipping to begin, will all blemish is rectified and reform end, take strict precautions against shipping ” in spite of illness ” participate in spring carry, all on Januar上海模特上门 全国高端商务外围兼职上门y 6 blemish has checked eligible.上海按摩半套推荐 上海沐足半套哪里有 “Be in spring during carry, we still will add a clique to execute the law personnel is defended to site value, the key examines case of colligation of the car on ferry of car settle or live in a strange place,最新上海后花园419 supervise and urge the ship does depart of g上海千花访约会归来ood person car, uphold the order that ascend a boat, take strict precautions against overweighted voyage, safety of main safeguard masses is convenient a travel. ” horizontal Sha Haixun executes the law firm say of the Song Dynasty of great team leader.


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