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2019 is People’s Republic of China holds water 70 years, also be local National People’s Congress establishs standing committee 40 years. Serious study carries out standing committee of city National People’s Congress 19 of thought of socialism of characteristic of China of Xi Jinping new era and party 4 in plenary meeting spirit, below the strong leadership of municipal Party committee of Shanghai of the Communist Party of China, work around whole town closely overall situation, 3 new major task ” , focusing optimizes focusing ” environmental protection of zoology of care of the people’s livelihood of battalion business environment, focusing, focusing, in order to be full of passion, abound the creation, psychosis that is brave in to take on, plan and advance year job, had become for Shanghai arms of the person at the head of a procession of reforming and opening of new era wh上海水磨会所全套流程ole nation and innovation development forerunner were developed due action. Legislative piece 2019, around fulfil ” 3 new major task ” , standing committee of city National People’s Congress is begun face harbor from trade division new law requirement studies an area and compile law survey from trade division regulations, insist to strengthen the system is ensured and gift system space pays equal attention to, it is a country actively ready-made of be born of major reform task. Make in time ” the decision that implements development of new era high quality about promote and ensuring reforming and opening of Pudong new developed area to set out again ” , endow with authority Pudong, supportive Pudong is bold foretaste of breakthrough, go ahead of the rest. The law is versed in appoint director Ding Wei expresses: “2018 is our country reforming and opening 40 years, also be reforming and opening of Pudong new developed area 30 years, in a consider the situation of such fundamental municipal government of hour municipal Party committee, published the decision that sets out again about reforming and opening of Pudong new developed area,上海足浴娱乐会所哪家好 the overall situation that city National People’s Congress works around whole town closely, note legislation of put sb in a very important position to lead, safeguard and the reform with drive this fundamental, it is to give reform of Pudong new developed area to set out again insert went上海水磨桑拿莞式服务 up legal wing. ” the center of innovation of science and technology that accelerates construction to have global force, it is the Party Central Committee, the State Council gives the major strategy task of Shanghai, shanghai is necessary to pass local legislation, for division achieve a center to build compose to build the legal environment that provides competition ability more. Teach Kewenwei appoint Su Ming of chairman committee member introduces: “Standing committee division achieve legislation to regard 2019 year focal point as legislative project, at reflecting the basic law, safeguard according to base oneself upon on in-depth survey and the foundation that listen to an opinion extensively the law is mixed the legislative thinking of the characteristic of stimulative law, summary solidify division achieves reform to carry out achievement, arousing vitality of innovation main body, ability of source of promotion innovation plan and optimize the respect such as innovation environment to make new system arrangement. ” at present, ” byelaw ” standing committee of classics city National People’s Congress is discussed 3 times, already referred this second congress to discuss, the propulsion that together with already passed center of international banking center, trade centre, shipping builds byelaw, hopeful of frame of safeguard of law of construction of 5 centers ” forms this city ” basically. Implement the national strategy that unifinication of long delta area develops, the bibcock that develops good Shanghai drives action, it is an important matter that Shanghai economy society develops. Standing committee is listened to and discuss municipal government to develop system mechanism to build the report of the circumstance about growing trigonometry unifinication, go to demonstrative area survey for many times, around cross setting of area origanization construction, demonstrative area to break development of unifinication of administrative border, implementation to wait for new case new issue to begin major task to consider, for legislative ready-made. To drive all-around Gao Shuiping is open, standing committee takes the lead in making in the whole nation ” invest a way about carrying out executive foreign trader the decision of a certain number of problems ” , abolish clearly ” foreign investment company examines and approve byelaw ” , declare Shanghai to optimize battalion business environment, enlarge the determination that open to the outside world and manner; Revise ” standardization byelaw ” , offer seasonable standard and technology to prop up for development of Shanghai high quality hard; Discuss ” can exhibit trade rules ” , international of have sth in mind can exhibit build, drive compose to build top-ranking to mark international, fill lease of life vigor, open include the meeting of innovation exhibits course of study to develop system mechanism. Show according to survey data, shanghai is current in many 800 family, the family that be being used or homemaking serves demand exceeds 1/3. But homemaking service market is existing again ” is less than please, please bad, do not be at ease a variety of supply and demand such as ” are contradictory. This standing committee is discussed through ” homemaking serves byelaw ” , the right that serves tripartite of personnel and homemaking service user to homemaking service orgnaization, homemaking and obligation all made a provision, promote promotion homemaking to serve a level hard, let high grade homemaking serve benefit and innumberable families. Finance and economics appoint Dai Liu of chairman committee member expresses: “Homemaking legislation is one contrives sexual legislation, be in complete China is the first, the homemaking enterprise of Shanghai is developing flourishingly, earnestly needs to call a such local homemaking legislation, go up in processing capability and processing level so, local legislation solved us domain of a lot of homemaking, pendent the problem that invites common people care all the time, the progress that also reflects Shanghai to promote 5 centers to build and coun福州金山有桑拿吗上海哪家夜总会荤场try are metropolitan construction. ” the non-standard phenomenon in reflecting outstanding judicatory appraisal in the light of people, difficult problem of standing committee straight face, make ” judicatory appraisal regulation ” , law appraisal industry brings into administrative limits along with all the others besides the regulation, strict the flow of activity of appraisal of this city judicatory and behavior standard, quality of appraisal of stimulative promotion judicatory and public letter force. Censorial judicatory appoint Gu Weijiang of chairman committee member says: “Countrywide National People’s Congress the decision 2005 basically is to be aimed at 4 kinds big, legal medical expert kind, material evidence kind, phonic resembling kind, still environmental protection is damaged kind, but practice of these more than 10 years, basically be right 4 kinds of big judicatory appraisal orgnaizations beyond, how judicatory appraisal personnel forms unified and effective government, it is the difficulty that our Shanghai legislation should resolve actually, so we highlight a problem to direct, in the draw on the wisdom of the上海南汇桑拿水磨会所 masses on this problem, also strive for law of countrywide National People’s Congress to be versed in at the same time appoint judiciary offers support and guidance. ” the historical view that protects good city, accumulate the urban memory, inside information that reveals a city namely. Standing committee is revised ” area of historical culture scene and rules of protection of outstanding history architecture ” , wait for the neighbor that has value of historical culture scene, road, wadi bring into protective limits, advance the history to build activation to use as a whole, improve dweller living condition, promote public service the standard. Supervise a year this of piece past, to Shanghai citizen, rubbish classifies new style gradually become common practice. In the distance ” regulation of Shanghai life rubbish ” apply only after 72 days, standing committee of city National People’s Congress started life rubbish classified government is special supervise. How does rubbish classification amount to mark to lead? Does extreme deal with what to level be in at present? Is the citizen satisfactory to this job? Taking these issues, standing committee is comprehensive in-depth survey, capture the hardware establishment construction that faces a society, unit to classify index of tigidity of go ahead of the rest, year to finis闵行南美水疗都有什么h wait for 6 big questions, combine linkage of 16 areas National People’s Congress to supervise, various delegate participates in 13000 much person-time of constituent whole town, undertake survey covered of all kinds site more than times 70, enter wing-room of relevant unit rubbish, terminal randomly dark visit selective examination, carry out the problem that the masses in the process reflects with respect to byelaw, put forward in time to handle a solution lawfully. City building environmental protection appoint Cui Minghua of chairman committee member expresses: “Our development a gleam of, understand the actual situation, we feel must clear up the circumstance of basic level, life rubbish is done after all how, so the comrade of our committee is bringing a delegate one case, arrive deep 16 all areas, we went to every area 3 times two, observed 150 many rooms, seek problem key only allowed, our supervisory ability assures quality. ” try hard through National People’s Congress, government and each, especially of broad citizen masses take an active part in, rubbish classifies correct rate to amount to 90% above, each index anticipates more than. Job of classification of Shanghai life rubbish became a to shine gradually from ” miniascape ” beautiful ” scenery ” . Block a dot up to hold the pain spot of battalion business environment, standing committee made fist of a supervisory combination in a year this of in the past: Carry out to municipal government fulfil ” about innovation drive development consolidates a certain number of opinions that promote hypostatic economy energy level ” ” a certain number of opinions that promote health of civilian battalion economy to develop energetically about promoting civilian battalion economy vigor in the round ” the circumstance is begun special supervise, begin judicatory safeguard to optimize battalion busine上海桑拿会所讨论群ss environment special supervise, begin ” social credit rules ” those who rectify and reform a circumstance dog supervise, begin ” rights and interests of Taiwan brethren investment protects a regulation ” execute the law examination. Outside colony an administrative unit in Xizang appoint Gao Deyi of chairman committee member says: “The investment that Taiwan brethren is in Shanghai, do poineering work, do a business, lying period of a transition, shanghai is improving our battalion business environment ceaselessly again, so we fall in a such big setting, pass many investigation and study, comb give more than 100 issues, and have more than 100 problems classify, 4 types, branch of the home and an one relevant government sector, society, have a conversation one by one, find reason and the way that solve a problem. ” 2019, standing committee begins laws and regulations of law of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to execute the law examination, the Western medicine in driving a government to fulfil pays equal attention to guiding principle, the medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that satisfies Shanghai common people to grow increasingly better serves demand; Stare at water environment closely to administer this one short board, begin ” law of water pollution prevention and cure ” execute the law examination, drive water of dozen of good green jade to guard battle; The checkup that strengthens pair of finance capital is supervised, enter a dot to begin to cut with capital of finance science and technology is thrown and using a case special supervise and special subject inquiry, the ” of ” money bag that is in charge of good people. The budget is versed in appoint director Introducti上海水磨拉丝一般多久on Zhao Wei star: “Also reflect the place that gives need to be perfected further in supervisory process, include capital of traditional finance science and technology to throw the patter上海后花园1314论坛n that management uses, need to be improved ceaselessly, governmental capital investment leads the effect that drives social capital even farther play, the structure of the 3rd devoted capital needs what otherwise breaks to optimize. How had managed the investment of science and technology that uses good government, for division achieving a center to build brunt to advance is very important. ” the Chongzhongzhi that old far ” is job of Shanghai the people’s livelihood weighs ” grown-ups and children. This year, standing committee begins community live out one’s life in retirement around the ” of provide for the aged of mouth of ” masses door special supervise, stimulative government reinforces policy compositive plan as a whole with resource, leave no stone unturned optimizes content of establishment position, perfect service, the specific aim that improves service of door mouth provide for the aged, effectiveness and satisfaction are spent. The society builds appoint Ying Xueyun of chairman committee member says: “Community provide for the aged is project of main the people’s livelihood, fact project, society of city National People’s Congress is built appoint clench the people’s livelihood is deeply concerned, around community provide for the aged service facilities construction moves, functional play, policy be born and society are participated in etc, begin deep special supervise, our feeling and experience, grown-ups and children is old far it is the Chongzhongzhi that the people’s livelihood of National People’s Congress supervises is weighed, want to insist to be a center with people from beginning to end, pay attention to a target oriented, problem the result is oriented, oriented, in the acquisition of common people feeling and satisfaction are spent go up good literary works, cogent National People’s Congress supervise do deep, do fine, do solid, had done. ” ” is old I is old and of the person old, young I young and young ” of the person. Be opposite to respond to people 0-3 year old the care that the infant holds Yo in the palm to serve, standing committee begins this city 0-3 year old the infant holds Yo job in the palm to dog supervise the nurse after reaching pupil class to serve special subject survey, the course tries hard, this city holds Yo in the palm to serve an orgnaization amount and hold the forehead in the palm to increase further, mechanism of Trinitarian nurse service is in the school, family, society compose is built. Old division is transformed is Shanghai must hit winning seed to take off battle of deficient assault fortified positions definitely, standing committee begins old division to transform the job special supervise, support and drive governmental appropriate to handle old division is transformed and the relation of arteries and veins of article of city of historical scene protection, continuance, defeat policy of solution fund balance, program to fulfil hammer and tongs, the bottleneck problem such as ground of historical bequeath wool, accelerate ceaselessly old improve Cheng. How does ability make Shanghai suburb village true appropriate Ju Yiyou? Executive countryside of standing committee focusing revitalizes the strategy to advance zoology appropriate to reside a circumstance to begin special supervise, extend more than 1600 ” satisfaction of room of rural zoology fitting spends evaluation to express ” , listed problem detailed list, supervise and urge the government accelerates job of rustic program staff to wait, do solid do good agriculture the old essay with beauty of strong, country, rich farmer. Agricultural country appoint Sun Lei of chairman committee member expresses: “Zoology fitting room is the goal assignment that countryside revitalizes, also be the crucial link that village of filling Qi Nong develops short edition and breach at the same time, so area of 9 experience farming, we checked 24 towns and 27 administrative village in all, to the administrative village of the examination, we set an example besides what see each area rural area revitalize beyond the village, we still ask representing of city National People’s Congress to have spot check randomly on the spot which two villages, arrived after the village, we still ask to receive a visit at least the opinion that two farmers family understands them to be resided to zoology appropriate and proposal. ” delegate piece come one this year, broad delegate is begun actively with strong sense of responsibility and rising enthusiasm during closing a meeting walk on duty. 340 much person-time represent conference of standing committee of attend as a nonvoting delegate, delegate of 5000 much person-time participates in legislative supervisory survey, come one year, delegate of delegate of National People’s Congress of city of 970 much person-time and National People’s Congress of 5400 much person-time areas, villages and towns passes ” of Home ” , station, dot, listen to the opinion proposal that 27000 rank the villager and unit worker more twice into community, be mirrorred actively and drive the of all kinds problem that solves masses care, developed National People’s Congress effectively to represent ground connection public feelings of gas, examine, get together civilian wisdom, the action of benefit the people’s livelihood. City National People’s Congress says happily on behalf of Zhu Sai: “I regard the general Party branch of residential area as the secretary, morning and evening can dweller of bring into contact with, have a dweller accuse negate mirrors me here comes, I can change it into opinion and proposal, I feel is to helped a dweller do real thing, have the effect of a very good microphone. ” city National People’s Congress says on behalf of Xu Liping: “Mix on behalf of the mission that walks on duty first heart, it is people acting talk namely, this is civilian generation character, it is in the person era meets this not only a week, more every a week during close a meeting, each days, as the delegate, to prospective Shanghai how wisdom of farther assemble folk, law establishing be apt to closes to be apt to is treated, we have a lot of new expectation, also be confident. ” city 15 National People’s Congress since 2 conferences, the delegate puts forward 40 in all second reading suggest with 971. 40 second reading in, 21 second reading involved legislation works, 11 already entered legislative order or bring into legislative plan, 10 are beginning legislative survey; 8 second reading involved supervisory job, bring into supervisory plan entirely and begin; 11 second reading involved relevant job is considering to fulfil in. Current, in dealing with 963 finished delegates to suggest, “Solve 688 when adopt ” , hold sum total 71% , achieve the history new tall. Come one year, hold National People’s Congress of 7 period city to represent special subject study in all seminar, 12 period ” of forum of delegate of ” Shanghai National People’s Congress, delegate of many 1300 city National People’s Congress enters study, extended delegate eye shot effectively, promotional delegate communication; Assistance is held 38 period basic level National People’s Congress grooms on behalf of special subject class, delegate of National People’s Congress of area of 3600 much person-time, town enters study; Organize delegate of delegate of National People’s Congress of this city whole nation and city National People’s Congress meticulously to develop the activity such as special subject survey, form investigation report of 24 special subject, offer more constructive opinion and proposal to push relevant work. The delegate is versed in appoint director Wu Liqun says: “Up to on October 31, 2019, the domestic ” ” that whole town already built ” to represent nods ” ” to represent the platform such as contact station ” on behalf of contact in all 5356, those who realized network platform construction is complete enclothe, to represent the normalization of close tie masses, provided strong position safeguard. ” oneself is built piece on December 29, 1979, standing committee of Shanghai National People’s Congress is established lawfully, turned over the one page with brand-new job of Shanghai National People’s Congress. 2019, it is chance in order to commemorate local National People’s Congress establishs standing committee 40 years, standing committee holds commemorative Shanghai National People’s Congress to establish standing committee 40 anniversary informal discussion, run long triangle region 3 provinces National People’s Congress of place of one city souvenir establishs standing committee 40 years seminar,七宝有没有水磨会所 elaborate scheme standing committee walks on duty course and the series report that the job makes 40 years, sum up inheritance history experience, drive innovation of job of National People’s Congress to develop. Hold news of National People’s Congress to publicize working conference, come on stage ” a certain number of opinions that publicize the job about strengthening news of new era National People’s Congress ” , form news of National People’s Congress to publicize working join forces, vivid tell story of very democratic story, National People’s Congress, enhance whole society ceaselessly the self-confidence of system of essential to our country politics. This year, legislation of basic level of city of book size of standing committee call together contacts bit of job to advance meeting, put forward to perfect connection to nod construction, expedite legislative popular wishes the act of train of thought of direct car. Come one year, this city the making that legislation of each basic level contacts a dot to let more masses participate in legal laws and regulations in the process, make connection dot constru上海徐汇spa会所ction the important window that enhances consciousness of law of public of law conduct propaganda, promotion and legal quality. This year, standing committee deepens a budget to investigate supervisory work, net of construction budget couplet controls a system 2 period; Increase put on record examine strength, first will 14 put on record since National People’s Congress examine working circumstance to refer standing committee conference to discuss, first this city file of plasticity of compasses of two courtyards ” brings into ” put on record examine limits. This year, standing committee and each committee cooperate countrywide National People’s Congress actively to begin ” piscatorial law ” ” law of water pollution prevention and cure ” etc execute the law to check and supervise survey; Overall situation of service country diplomacy and ” are taken all the way ” construction, recieve country of 21 batches of foreign countries and local parliament delegacy to come to Shanghai visit, form a delegation or join a group to visit 10 batch, advance external cooperative communication上海水磨干磨工作室; Visit a foreign country to be stationed in Shanghai consul general, invite people’s congress of city of honorary citizen attend as a nonvoting delegate, invite the sea to return, the international student walk into standing committee auditoria, the abundance of job of system of propagandist National People’s Congress, National People’s Congress and construction of democracy of our country socialism is carried out. Of the party 18 big since, in order to review close smooth comrade is the leadership that the Party Central Committee of core strengthens jobs of pair of National People’s Congress in the round, driving job of local National People’s Congress to perfect development respect to make a lot of great and decision-making deploy. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general is in when inspecting Shanghai, to standing committee of countrywide National Peop上海普陀男士spa会所le’s Congress the law is versed in appoint create rainbow bridge the effect experience that legislation of street basic level connects a dot, gave with the demonstrative import that boosts whole process democracy sufficient affirmation, this also is the gigantic tom-tom encourage that works to Shanghai National People’s Congress, more strong lash. New era gifts new mission, new duty is called new take on. Make us more close close solidarity is all round the Party Central Committee that is core with Comrade Xi Jinping, hold high Chinese characteristic socialism is great banner, below the leader of municipal Party committee of Shanghai of the Communist Party of China, produce advantage of people’s congress system adequately, gram of assault fortified positions is difficult, go before encourage, fo金山水疗会所r push creation new era Shanghai expands new mark and make arduous efforts!


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