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Be in because of two malign incident after be being made stop nearly 450 days, drop drop arranges the windmill to try the line on operation in Shanghai afresh today. This one so-called course 18 version are revised, 330 functions are optimized, accept proposal of 300 thousand users rectify and reform the action, whether ensure the passenger is safe, whether to rectify and reform really again reached the designated position? After drop drop arra全套干磨水上海精品油压论坛磨服务区别nges the windmill to rectify and reform first days go up line, the doorsill of safe admittance rises somewhat really. In driver end, car advocate register a condition to go up, added car newly to need to be in to register the clause of individual under one’s name. The card of unit traffic travel that the Id that Mr Chen tries to use his, driver’s license mixes registers downwind car. Upload after finishing, get hint: Car everybody is not an individual, cannot register. In the meantime, course of disease of 3 real results also is s嘉定新开的水疗tatic picture uploads only no longer, use video trends to collect however, if register,do not take care to exit in the process, all filling in measure is about to begin from the beginning. Illicit home car advocate after finishing a series of card to be referred according to the data, can get hint, cycle of examine and verify is 2 weekday about, whole technological process is compa上海油压店都关了2019red former and strict many. Vehicle of illicit home car advocate 10 thousand ladies say: “I feel it registers a doorsill to return pre奉贤南桥spa全部没有了tty tall, want above all ‘ 3 car阿拉爱上海 闵行d syncretic ‘ , travel card, driver’s license and Id want same an information, next the measure that it registers also pretty is complex, want to take a picture, the information that wants face of the information that confirms car repeatedly, information of personnel, person, so I feel the setting on its safety still rises somewhat. ” and carry in the passenger, piece also need to finish a series of secure jobs before travel, include solid platform of facial identifying, accredit gathers an identity attestation, person form recording, do 6 safe tests to choose a topic even even. After finishing these jobs, see news Knews reporte宝山水疗r tried to release downwind car to take car demand, await a car advocate invite. When nobody invite, the system can be chosen automatically a few have match spent driver, the passenger can be expended through adding acknowledgment and contact a car advocate means, will increase to be invited machine rate. Drop drop 漳州桑拿会所全套体验respect expresses, the new system of the line is aimed at the ” that is denounced formerly all the time namely on ” of dissimilation of downwind car attribute, become ” of ” low special to wait for a problem, undertook rectifying and reform, connect past socialization to change, information of sexual distinction of purify head portrait, setting ” two-way affirm ” will prevent a driver to carry sheet. Drop drop gives travel Shanghai public relations to communicate a Wang Ming lu上海嘉定三角区推油stre to tell to visit news Knews reporter: “We ask the car basically has his travel demand first, have a commonly used travel place, just can be searched next by the way the promulgator of the journey, before car advocate fall in the circumstance that does not阿拉爱上海新人验证 have him journey, also can examine circumjacent order. ” so, this one two-way confirm pattern, after all whether accomplish ” truly by the way incidentally ” is ” detour accepts the order ” ? See news Knews reporter see, downwind car vehicle advocate before releasing travel information, can install 4 commonly used places to regard the journey as start and terminus, two Zhouneike revises 2 with random. After releasing the journey, the system matchs many passengers demand automatically to offer driver alternative. No matter course how, passenger charge is fixed. Look in the expert, these act really than before improve somewhat, but the ” of ” commonly used address that can choose more, can release the function of the journey for many times, also be not can get without chance. Key of You Min of committee member of city the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference expresses: “Commonly used circuitry, wait a moment e.g. mouth of home of railway station, land, more lively business affairs area, he was set e.g. it a certain number of such circuitry, then you are among this process, how you discriminate it, it is one kind adds up to the demand that take actually, still be one kind coverts the demand that the netwo上海宝山哪个ktv有荤场rk makes an appointment. ” to this, drop drop respect expresses, at present they according to Shanghai close by the regulation, every car can offer demarcate successfully twice only everyday close by the service, avoid car accepts the order for many times increase income. Although drop drop arranged the windmill to be made hard on safe problem奉贤南桥哪里有油压推油的, but the reporter understands, at present this tries move on the business of the line, had not handed in an administration formally to be in charge of a branch to hand over to the place put on record a福州金山建新中路桑拿pplication, relevant data also did not receive superintendency platform. Town road carries bureau passenger transport to grow Xu Wei to express everywhere: “Data is received is a very crucial step and technology are propped up, to travel contrail, order information it may not be a bad idea, include a driver relevant background information, want to have the medium of communication that can trace to the source, because he was not referred formally, put on record formally, so a series of requirements are mi阿拉爱上海同城北京论坛xed related this data we cannot are informed. ” town road carriage bureau expresses, apply Internet to realize private small passenger car to close by, share help each other, it is the green that advocates to the place from the country gives a new pattern, but relevant operation should be depended on compasses carry out. Current, town road carriage bureau already informed a drop of the respect, finish before demarcate date put on record formally, data is received wait for formalities, otherwise or will get offline again processing. Drop drop states the meeting is active to the director the branch is reported, according to local regulation, close plan is legal offer close by the service, when to do not pass and finish clearly put on record formalities. 4 people small passenger car adds up to the suitable windmill that multiplies a travel, original idea is green, share, coadjutant traffic mode, general orientation is encouraged for certain, but the bottom line that this business develops is safe, close compasses. Can see, safe respect, drop drop had been done on relevant flow very big improved, also hope its can be finished as soon as possible put on record to receive proceed with add with data, the after the event in the work that coordin闵行南美水疗全套体验ates relevant section is superintended, let a passenger give a safety to have safeguard more, also can promote this business health conversely so, can develop continuously.


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