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Plan of center of newsreel of TV station of Shanghai of CCTV net combination rolls out 12 collect series humanitarian newsreel ” life first time ” be about to go up line. This aim to be defe上海后花园论坛靠谱吗nded through crouching film, observation is not in with the crowd life is important of node ” for the first time ” : Go to school for the first time, go to work for the first time, walk into barback for the first time, a lot of ” for the first time ” the important node of our life since series connection, “Will arrive suddenly first, ask much keep an eye on ” . ” life first time ” take 12 significant to Chinese meaning life section through picking, on time perforative at be born, go to school, get 上海龙凤married, the different level in establishing the life such as course上海贵族宝贝的qq号 of study, provide for the aged, distributing to wait for different life setting at intermediary of hospital, school, legionary, house property, village, factory, senile university on the space, fan out from point to area, from a small clue one can see that is coming, expressive China life is watched alive and live philosophy. The first collect: ” be born ” of new student life be born to accompany joyance already, also accompanying parenting to bear a variety of choices in the process and risk. This period crouch defend in Shanghai Fudan University college of medicine of university of traffic of accessary maternity, Shanghai is accessary Ruijin hospital, the record issues obstetric ward each is true story, the first time challenge that records next new life to face and proprietary expect. The 2nd collect: ” enter a school ” new term, the 奉贤水疗休闲会所school greeted a batch of new children to stride hall of enter a school again, this is the enter a school of life fir日式水磨拉丝是什么st time of children. Wide on north deep in such big city, “Enter a school ” solemned to had become the parent and children to weigh general election choose. Young rise small, “Do not let the child be defeated to go up in the scratch line ” is the viewpoint guidance or misdirect after all parents to? How do children get used to their choice with the parent? The contrail that children grow is in the story of half happy a tear. The 3rd collect: ” grown ” Yunnan defends hill Mang water, in big hill. Once raised taught undergraduate Kang Yu to decide to stay here here, teach children to write poetic teacher when. The children here go to school everyday need tramp over hill and dale, but this can not hamper they write Hippo松江桑拿休闲会所全套crene. They write the longing to the parent and the feeling to nature into their poem, this is the the most primitive, realest skill that children create. The 4th collect: ” be a soldier ” leave the villager of elders of a country or district of Jilin, set foot on the train that heads for door of Hubei chaste tree, small Xu Kaiqi one of life brand-new the identity: Recruit egg child. Call-over for the first time, first time alignment, fold a quilt for the first time, first time is critical gather, first time zip… in countless first time, small Xu He is other two undergraduates were finished gradually from the local youth change to airborne arms soldier. The 5th collect: ” go to work ” the 95% burn of Guo Hui whole body of Henan business grave, overcame adv unimag松江开元大酒店spainably difficulty through grooming, made customer service of a professional network. Suffer from the Li Qingrong of the poliomyelitis, maintain bread with load pull formerly, nowadays, she every month has thousands of yuan steady income, become economic pillar of the family. This period camera lens aims disabled customer service this one special group, from double 11 fight bravely ” the customer service on the cloud ” this one angle, let the world know the deliverance cause of Chinese disabled. The 6th collect: ” go into town ” to promote Qu Jing the farmer changes obtain employment, take off deficient to become rich, bureau of company of music pacify person established workstation of music pacify service, service workstation goes to music pacify city every year recruiting a farmer to be versed in 2 times, the Chun Feng after passing for the Spring Festival respectively acts and the Qiu Feng after the crown of the year acts, want to go out drainage of working peasant worker worker comes to Shanghai to work. This period, follow the working schedule of workstation, recorded a bit story that they work to Shanghai from home town and psychological change. The 7th collect: ” buy a house ” the house price that stand high above the masses, resemble a big mountain, let Yao of a l2019上海莞式水磨还有吗ot of people cannot be reached. However, the building that owns oneself remains major Chinese, especially the does not go complex of youth brandish. This period aim camera lens intermediary of a house property, r现在上海干磨店一览表ecord and observation youth buy the experience of the room in big city, they are establishing the effort that each gives when small home below the record. The 8th collect: ” marry ” the marital registry office of Shanghai Pudong new developed area, it is Shanghai registers a measure on average the biggest one is nodded, encounter popular day, a day of meeting has hundreds of pairs of new上海油压保健全套会所 personality to come round to register. Marry even if got married, the first time the newlywed person that gets card, some meetings begin to prepare wedding; Some meetings go travelling; Also these do not do some people, enter marriage with his means however. The marriage of current below record of marital registry office youth is loved view, also record the to love understanding in next people memory. The 9th collect: ” emeritus ” this is a magical school: Ground of until dawn of all night of a lot of people learns, not be to prepare for war however the university entrance exam; Can gather together between the classmate talk about the opposite sex, evade none; Also can kip even, become warped class, copy exercise. This place is the place of the university on first time of old person of a lot of China: Senile university. Can let retire here they look for what opposite lives to have deep love for again, have oneself life again, learn ceaselessly together with a flock of friends and accept strange thing. Senile university is edition of emeritus old person ” hot-blooded college ” . The 10th collect: ” defend ” by hospital of Jiangxi Nanchang tumour, one shares a kitchen, rebuke aunt and husband or wife establish more than 10 years ago. Everyday, a lot of disease suffer from a family member to cook, fry Lenten want a money only. Ursine aunt everyday before dawn two got up at 3 o’clock preparative breakfast, here has become the kitchen of numerous cancer family member, everybody says for ” the kitchen that fight cancer ” . Remedial cancer, cost is huge, and this simple and easy kitchen, reduced the cost of have dinner greatly however. T上海丽都国际会所 荤场his period, in this small kitchen, the story of the warm popular feeling that produces between patient of the cancer below the record and th秘干磨什么意思eir family member. Eleventh collect: ” provide for the aged ” the Shen Yuan of community of provide for the aged in Shanghai Song Jiang, living many 2100 old people, such senile community, in Chinese each district increasing. Old people leaves the home that he stayed in all one’s life, first time occupy what kind of mood is community of such provide for the aged? How can be the following day spent? The life condition of a few old people in community of provide for the aged, present an instantly China old people to face the story with true and beautiful provide for the aged. Dozenth collect: ” leave 上海洗浴中心全套价格” in China, the will that has near 70% every year is invalid will. Look be like simple one paper document, why cannot have due effect? How does the dispute contradiction of because of the will generation avoid to the greastest extent, dissolve? Whether to make a will to be necessary? The China will library that is in Beijing crouchs defend film, the notes comes the stor上海奥京水磨桑拿会所y that make a will before people first time. Face the decision with this final life, people w上海外围怎么联系 上海高端外围哪里找ill what course to follow? Rose on January 15, 2020 every week 3 evening, will inspect through be being defended eastward, CCTV net, see video of news network, Tecent, Bi Bi video of cruel of barrage net, actor, reach CCTV net the line on abroad platform warm heart.


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